Louis Vuitton Spring 2013

Marc Jacobs began with stripes in New York, and finished with checks in Paris.

the sixties theme is totally present and the show was great, with models appearing in four escalators onto a runway tessellated in giant squares of white and acid yellow.



louis-vuitton-rtw-ss2-2013-runway-001_114527542124      louis-vuitton-rtw-ss2-2013-runway-002_114528226768 louis-vuitton-rtw-ss2-2013-runway-003_114529169877     louis-vuitton-rtw-ss2-2013-runway-006_114531702900 louis-vuitton-rtw-ss2-2013-runway-007_114532199547    louis-vuitton-rtw-ss2-2013-runway-010_114535722431 louis-vuitton-rtw-ss2-2013-runway-011_114535881315    louis-vuitton-rtw-ss2-2013-runway-028_114549305616 louis-vuitton-rtw-ss2-2013-runway-031_114551263738    louis-vuitton-rtw-ss2-2013-runway-018_114541812194



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